Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Town of Hempstead Rescues Animals from House of Horrors

January 15, 2011

For the second time in three days, Hempstead Town Animal Control Officers rescued profoundly neglected and abused animals from squalid condition. Fifteen animals survived a Rockville Centre house of horrors while the carcasses of 26 less fortunate victims littered the filthy residence. Twelve dogs and two cats were transported to Hempstead's Animal Shelter for examination and treatment by a veterinarian before being groomed and cleaned. One dog was taken directly to an animal hospital for emergency care.

Joining Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray at a briefing on the condition of the surviving animals were Senior Councilman Anthony Santino, Councilwoman Angie Cullin, Town Clerk Mark Bonilla, members of the animal rescue group Rescue Ink, and the heroic rescuers of the town's animal shelter.

"Nothing could prepare our Animal Control Officers for what they found at a filthy house of horrors in Rockville Centre," stated Murray. "They rescued 15 animals from a 'living hell' and braved a stench-filled house strewn with the corpses of 26 animal victims."

The officials called animal shelter staff "unsung heroes" for working late into Friday evening to remove matted hair and clean feces and urine encrusted fur from dogs.

Animals rescued from the house include six chihuahuas, three dachshunds, a Yorkshire terrier, an English Bulldog, a Shih Tzu, a Boxer and two cats. Additionally, a Collie-mix dog was transported to animal hospital for emergency care. Beyond the survivors, Hempstead Animal Control Officers recovered 26 animal corpses, many of which were badly decomposed. The dead animals included five dogs, eight cats, five ferrets and five parrots.

"Kate Murray, Angie Cullin and I want to thank the men and women of the town's animal shelter for rescuing these innocent animals and showing such compassion and caring," said Murray. "They are the true heroes in this tragic incident," added Santino.

Murray indicated that she and her colleagues in town government were working closely with the Rockville Centre Police Department and the District Attorney's Office to pursue justice on behalf of the rescued and deceased animals. The town immediately reported the incident to the district attorney's animal cruelty division upon arriving at the grisly scene on Friday evening.

"These animals need us to demand justice," announced Murray. "They were victims that are voiceless in the face of evil. I will demand that the person(s) responsible for what we have found are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

The animals that were rescued were found to be emaciated and dehydrated upon examination. After medical attention and grooming, the dogs and cats received nourishment and fluids.

"Seeing the condition of these animals is heartbreaking," observed Cullin. "But, now our veterinarian and caring shelter workers will help these cats and dogs return to health."

Murray and the other town board members stated that they will move swiftly to take legal ownership of the animals, work to restore their health and find loving homes for the furry pooches and felines.

"These animals have been through enough," stated Santino. "We're going to work hard to find them the loving homes that they deserve."

Murray concluded the briefing by renewing her call on the public to report instances of suspected animal abuse and cruelty. "I am renewing my plea to neighbors everywhere," said Murray. "If you see something, say something. We can all help prevent tragedies like this from recurring by speaking up when we suspect cruelty, abuse or neglect. We need to speak up for the beautiful voiceless animals that are victims across this nation on a daily basis."

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