Tuesday, September 13, 2011

See Something Say Something

Nassau In State Of Heightened Awareness

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Acting Police Commissioner Tom Krumpter held a news conference today to discuss the state of heightened awareness here in Nassau County. As a direct result of the terror threat, the NCPD has stepped up its uniformed and plain clothes patrols, especially at our train stations and shopping malls.

“Our police department is a leader in the Secure Cities Program which coordinates all law enforcement in the Metro area,” said County Executive Mangano. “As the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack on our nation approaches, all should know that the Nassau County Police Department has been preparing to secure our County for many weeks.”

Residents can do their part by participating in the See Something, Say Something Campaign. For example: you know your neighbors, you know the vehicles that belong on your block and in your area, if you see something suspicious, say something! If you notice any individuals who appear suspicious, such as being overdressed for the weather or hiding something under their clothes, say something! If you see unattended packages or notice strange odors, say something! If you see someone suspicious drawing diagrams or maps, using binoculars, night vision devices or taking photographs and videos in unusual places, say something!

“I cannot stress this enough,” said County Executive Mangano. “Help us, help you. If you see something, say something by calling 911.”

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