Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Safety Tips for Safeguarding Your Home

1 Install and maintain the timers on lights
2 Make sure all exterior lights are functioning properly
3 No mail or flyers left out
4 Let a neighbor you trust know your away and where you are in case they need to contact you
5 Safeguard all jewelry and cash
6 Make sure all first floor window air conditioners are secured because this allows easy access for burglars to get into your home
7 Make sure all house alarms are functioning properly
8 Make sure all windows and doors are secure
9 Trim all bushes and hedges around windows and doors because these make easy hiding spots for burglars
10 Be careful of routines.

Anything suspicious call 911 and not your local precinct so their response can be faster! When in doubt do not be afraid to call 911!!
Speak clearly and slowly so the proper information gets out. Don’t rush the phone call because all information is important.
Try to get any information possible i.e. vehicle plate numbers, physical descriptions such as clothing, height, race, weight, gender, direction of travel, what they might have in their possession i.e. backpack, gym bag.
You are the eyes and ears of the community. So please call regarding anything suspicious or unusual. This is our community so please be vigilante and again do not be afraid to call 911 for suspicious and unusual activity.

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