Monday, September 14, 2009


The new school year has opened and here are just a few tips regarding the ongoing problem we have seen regarding the theft and robberies of I- Pods and cell phones. This crime has been on the rise and is becoming a growing concern.
Here are a few safety tips in safeguarding your property and more importantly yourself:
· When walking try not to have your earphones in. This is a hazard walking across the street since car horns and sirens cannot be heard. This is also an obvious sign that you are in possession of an electronic device. This makes you more vulnerable as a target since you cannot hear someone approaching.
· While talking or texting on your cell phone in public, try to keep conversations short, for this again shows you’re in possession of one and again makes you vulnerable as a target to anyone approaching. Most cell phones are priced well over 100 dollars and can easily be converted for someone else’s use making them untraceable.
· Most of these crimes are done by large groups and not one on one. So be aware of large groups. Put your I Pod or cell phone away when being approached or walking by large groups because you are advertising.
· If you are a victim please notify 911, state your location and pertinent information i.e. race, age, what they were wearing, their direction of travel, type of phone stolen.
· If physical force is used this is considered a robbery which is a felony. Please do not put yourself in a bad position, be alert, be vigilante and try to get whatever description you can.

If you would like a representative from the 5th Precinct Police Department to speak to your group or organization please call us at 573- 6570 and any POP officer would be able to assist you.

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