Friday, April 30, 2010

United States Census Phase ll

United States Census Bureau

May 1st, The Census Bureau is beginning phase 2 of the Census taking. With less then half of New York State turning in their census forms, census workers will be visiting neighborhoods to count the people. To date only 44% of the people living in New York State have responded meaning billions of dollars in aid could be lost funding for roads and bridges and other public works projects, emergency services, hospitals and the number of Senior Centers. , Also the number of representatives awarded to NY State would shrink in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If a census worker comes to your door they will show you an ID Badge, hand you an information sheet and ask you a few simple questions. Your answers are confidential and protected by law. All US Census Bureau employees have taken an oath and are subject to a jail term, a fine or both if they disclose ANY information that could identify you or your household. Your answers are used for statistical purposes, and no other purpose. As allowed by law, your census data becomes public after 72 years. This information can be used for family history and other types of historical research.

You are required by federal law to provide the information requested. Visit the Census web site and click on “Protecting Your Answers” to learn more about their privacy policy and data protection

Who to count as of April 1st
Count all people where they live and sleep most of the time. Including babies and children, foster children, roommates, boarders, and people staying with you who have no permanent place to live. Do not include college students living away at school, Armed Forces personnel who live away, people in nursing homes, a mental hospital, jail, prison, or detention facility.

Participation isn’t just important it’s mandatory.

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