Monday, April 26, 2010

West Hempstead School Budget Information

On May 18th, the residents of West Hempstead will be asked to go to the polls and cast their vote on the proposed 2010-2011 school budget. The economic climate is not in West Hempstead’s favor. While in recent year’s the Board of Education has been able to keep tax levy increases among the lowest on Long Island, including a year when the tax levy actually went down, this year West Hempstead’s tax levy increase is likely to be among the highest on Long Island.

As of today, Albany has still not adopted a budget. Any additional state aid that comes from Albany would be used to decrease the 2010-2011 tax levy.

On May 18th, residents are casting their vote on the proposed budget that supports the education of our children. The attached document outlines what programs and services the proposed budget provides. Likewise, it outlines what is at stake.

Make a Commitment to Education
Remember to Vote on May 18th. It's Important!
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