Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LIPA's Critical Care Program

As we prepare for hurricane season and the assorted storms that come with summer, the Long Island Power Authority is urging customers with special medical needs to sign up for LIPA’s Critical Care Program in the event of a loss of power.

Customers enrolled in the program will receive advanced notice of scheduled outages or sever weather that could interrupt service. In addition, every effort will be made to restore power to customers enrolled in the program as soon as possible should there be an outage. However, in the event timely restoration is difficult, customers should have a backup plan ready.

Customers wishing to enroll in the Critical Care Program must provide LIPA with a medical certificate from a doctor or a Board of Health.

Devices which meet the criteria of “life-support equipment” include:

§ Apnea Monitor
§ Curraise Respirator
§ Positive Pressure Respirator
§ Suction Machine
§ IV Feeding Machine
§ Tank Type Respirator
§ Respirator/Ventilator
§ Hemodialysis Machine
§ Rocking Bed Respirator
§ Oxygen Concentrator
§ IV Medical Infusion Machine
§ Additional devices may qualify as life-support equipment if certified by a physician.

For additional information, please visit LIPA’s Critical Care Program website at http://www.lipower.org/residential/custserv/services-care.html or call 1-800-490-0025.


Deputy Presiding Officer John J. Ciotti
Legislator, District 3

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