Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NCPD Programs and Presentations

I’m on the Board of Directors of the Franklin Square Raiders Soccer Club, and we’d like to set up a day where the police would come to the field and do the fingerprinting of the kids. We have several hundred children in the organization and think it’d be a nice thing to offer the parents. We’d like to set it up for a Sunday in October, could you tell me who I’d need to contact about this?
Thank you,
Deanna Gisonda

Dear Ms. Gisonda,
It is wonderful of you to coordinate this effort. The Police Department does not provide this service however the Town of Hempstead does. Below is the information from the Town of Hempstead web site link. I know other youth groups in our community have had great success with this program.
Nassau County Police 5th Precinct P.O.P. Unit does provide Officers who do presentations on many topics with parents, senior citizens and/or children. Topics include: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Drugs, Gangs, Crimes Against the Elderly, Staying Safe, Social Host Laws, Seat Belts- Cellphones- Leandra’s Law… The Nassau County Police Departments Fifth Precinct P.O.P. Unit can be reached at 573-6570 if you would like to schedule a presentation.
Nassau County Police Dept Community Affairs Division, Officer Dockswell also does presentations on Cyber Bullying, Bullying and Sexting that no parent or child should miss. His mission is to educate students and parents throughout the county on staying safe and using technology responsibly. Officer Dockswell challenges students to consider how someone who doesn’t stop another person from being bullied contributes to the problem. He provides the audience with “much food for thought” about using technology and respecting other’s feelings. A responsibility that everyone shares. Police Officer Dockswell can be reached at (516) 573-7360
As for fingerprinting, The Town of Hempstead wants to protect and safeguard our children. Accordingly, the Town Clerk's office administers a comprehensive Child Safety Identification Program.
This program is unique in that they actually take the child's fingerprints and photograph FREE of charge. In addition, there are no privacy violation concerns because there is no negative generated from the child's photo (Polaroid camera is used). They will also assist you in affixing strands of hair to this identification file. The completed kit is given to the child's family. By utilizing Mobile Town Hall, the Town Clerk's office can bring this service to schools, clubs, teams and organizations in our communities. To schedule the Town Clerk's Child Safety Program or for additional information, call (516) 489-5000, ext. 3219. This service is also available at Town Hall.
If you require any further assistance please contact the P.O.P. Unit at 573-6570
P.O. John Miller
Problem Oriented Policing Unit

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