Thursday, June 24, 2010

Police Issue Tips for Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have opened a fun new world for internet users. Sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter have allowed people to stay in touch with friends and family, reconnect with old friends and even conduct business from there pages. However, these sites are also a perfect opportunity for criminals to get personal information about you and your children. Remember, what you put on the Internet STAYS on the internet, FOREVER. All of the personal information that is being posted on profiles — names, birth dates, kids’ names, photographs, pet’s names, addresses, opinions on your company, your friends and your acquaintances — all of it serves as a one-stop shop for thieves. The Nassau County Police Department would like our citizens to remember the following safety tips for social networking websites.
1. Don’t accept friend requests unless you absolutely know who they are from and that you would associate with them in person, just like real friends.
2. Be cautious about the personal information that you post on any social media site, as there is every chance in the world that it will spread beyond your original submission.
3. Assume that everything you put on a social-networking site is permanent. Even if you can delete your account, anyone on the Internet can easily print photos or text or save images and videos to a computer,
4. Learn how to adjust your privacy settings so that you know who can see your personal information.
5. Never post that you are on vacation or away from home, even if it is just for a few hours.
6. Don’t post or upload photos while away from your house, wait until you are back home before you post.
7. The old adage “some things are better left unsaid” holds true for social networks. Avoid making derogatory or insensitive remarks about others.

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